Things to do: Wednesday

I thought I should post a list of things I should do today. Well, that is, things that involve my list. I will post my updates on them later on, but for now, here is my list..♥

001. Read a few chapters of my latest book
012. Read a book on U.S. history
017. Drink 3 bottles of water (especially because I'm still sick)
028. Wake up before 10am (which means..I should get to bed now)
034. Mail two postcards to make my total sent at [45/50]
035. Donate at least 200 grains of rice
061. Watch a movie (most likely going to be G.I. Joe)
063. Watch a couple of episodes of Charmed (I'm in the middle of season 5 now!)

Not really too much to do.. because some don't take that long to complete.. like waking up, mailing postcards, and donating rice. So, I think it'll be a good to-do list. Hopefully I remember to work on this list. Other things I need to do today, that may or may not be related to my list:

Go to dentist appointment
Go to post office (like I said earlier)
Gather friends' addresses
Pick up book from used bookstore
Update list of playing cards and DVDs (for blog and inventory)

That's all..♥ See y'all later! ♥

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