Ok, I know that I keep saying that I will update. And I'm sorry. But again, this is another one of those times that I can't give you a full update. I haven't really done that much stuff towards my list lately, anyway. But I have sent a lot more postcards and I wanted to update you on that goal.

034. Send 50 postcards via [35/50]
Postcards Exchange

Last time I updated, I was at 26 postcards. Now, I have sent 35. Big improvement? I sure hope so. And I've gotten lots of cards in return. You should go check em out. Some of them are really cool/pretty looking.
See that link ^^ ? Please click on it. You'll love the postcards that you see. And who knows, maybe you'll become interested in Post Crossing too. Do you want to swap? Send me a message here.

Another Quick Post

Sorry, I have a lot of homework to do. But I hope I am able to update tomorrow, after classes. For now, here is a quote that I really love.

014. Find 101 quotes that inspire me [11/101]

Some Quotes

Here are some quotes that I've found for my goal:  
014. Find 101 quotes that inspire me [10/101]

Bucket List

Heyy everyone. I just wanted to let you guys know that I've also made a bucket list. It'll be 1000 things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. 1000 is a lot, so I haven't finished yet, but I have around 200 or so finished. Go ahead and check it out, give me some suggestions if you would like to.

Vitamins are finished

021. Take multi-vitamins everyday for a month [30/30]

Yay! Another completed goal. I completed this goal yesterday. Nothing much to say about this goal. But yeahh, see you next time!

Another quick update

096. Reach 50 followers on this blog [15/100]

15 followers! Thank you for following!

I just wanted to update and say thank you to all of my followers. And wow, 3 more followers in 2 days! That's great. Thanks! Well, I'm off to class now. See you guys later!

Blogging Earnings as of 10/09

080. Earn $100 from blogging in one year [$6.02/$100]

Pretty good improvement, huh? I made my first 6 dollars! Most of it is from Adgitize, but here is how I calculated the earnings:

Adsense: $0.58
Adbride: $0.54
Adgitize: $4.90

This is as of 10/09/09 because Adgitize reports a day later. I should get my first payment from Adgitize at the end of October! Yay, I'm excited! As for the other two, I'm not sure when I will get my first payment..

This has been a great week!

I have accomplished a lot this past week. I haven't completed any more goals, mainly because most of my goals will take a while to finish. However, I have worked a lot on these goals, and I should be able to complete some of them by the end of this year. As for what I've done this past week, are are some snapshots and updates.

001. Read 50 books [1/50]: I have FINALLY finished my first book. I have to admit, it wasn't that great. It has a nice story but I guess I just wasn't interested in it. The book is called Second Chance, by Jane Green. I've read a few of her other books, but this one just wasn't as good as the rest. Its about a group of people who were best friends in school but haven't keep in touch in about 20 years. They are reunited again after one of them dies in a terrible tragedy. The tragedy causes everyone to re-question their life. There are 5 original friends, 2 guys and 3 girls. One of the guys in the one who dies in the tragedy. The main story has individual stories in it about the 5 characters. It keeps jumping back and forth between the characters so sometimes I forgot who I was  reading about, so I would have to read the paragraph again. Overall, its ok, and I like it. I would recommend it.

021. Take multi-vitamins everyday for a month [26/30]: Only 4 days to go, including today! Yay! Almost completed another goal.

034. Send 50 postcards via [24/50]: Just about halfway there! Anyone want to direct swap? My username for Post Crossing is missleilanie.

083. Buy a new digital camera: A completed task! I was at the Pawn Exchange with my parents yesterday, and let me tell you, they completely surprised me. I normally only look at the DVDs. Then we got into line to buy the DVDs. The camera case is at the back of the line. While we were waiting, I was showing my mom which one I wanted, for future reference. Mainly because I was bored. Then my dad asked which one I was talking about, and I showed him. We finally got up the counter and my dad asked the lady if he could look at the cameras. I was shocked! I didn't think they were actually gonna get me one. Later, during the ride home, my dad said that they were planning on getting me one for Christmas, but since they found a good one for a good deal (it was 50%, so it only cost $40!), they got it then. I am so happy! I love taking pictures, and being in pictures. I hated not being able to have a camera. My last camera broke beyond repair and I didn't have money for a new one. So here is a picture of my camera! I took in the mirror, that's why its backwards.

Its a Sony Cyber-shot, 7.2 megapixels. Its just like my last one, that broke, except its pink! I've always wanted a pink camera! :] Here is what I got, and its original price, brand new. Its not the exact same one, but its the closest I could find because they don't make the one I've got anymore. But, we got a pretty good deal, don't you think?

087. Own at least 50 piggy banks [11/50]
091. Add 100 more playing card sets to my collection [20/100]
092. Add 200 more DVDs to my collection [41/200]
I would update you guys on these three, but to be honest, I get too many new ones on a normal basis that it would take too long to post pictures of each one, each time. So, for future reference, I am letting you know that I will update on how many new ones I get, but I won't be able to update with pictures and names/titles/descriptions of each one. However, I do promise that at the end, when it is completed, I will update with a picture and names/titles/descriptions of each one. How does that sound?

096. Reach 50 followers on this blog [12/100]: 12 followers! Thank you for following!

Just a quick post for now.

I plan on updating more later. But right now I'm tired. So this is a quick update with one of my goals.

 014. Find 101 quotes that inspire me [1/101]

This quote will really help me a lot in life. This counts as my first inspirational quote. I am try to find quotes in pictures. Because I love pictures and I'm a visual person :]

I will be back later!

Free Rice Donation

I just finished donating 1250 grains of rice. It took me a little while because my vocabulary sucks! And I'm not very good at memorizing either. But it was worth it. Let's look at my progress.

035. Donate 100,000 grains of rice at [2,100/100,000]

Woohoo! Over 2,000! That's good progress right?  

New Way of Posting

Ok, I have to admit. I know these postings have been boring. So, from now on, I will only update you on the progresses that have pictures. Oh, and I will update you on all completed tasks, no matter if I will have pictures or not. Then, at the end of every month, I will give you a long update on everything that I've accomplished throughout the month. I will also be updating my numbers on the master list, and the accompanying lists, like movie list, book list, etc. If you haven't heard from me in a while, you can always check out my master list to see if I'd added any updates! I'm going to after I finish posting, so I will have a picture and a post for you soon! Stay tuned!

Also, I've changed my layout to match my postcard blog. And I've added stuff to my sidebar, and organized it a little better. I hope you like it!

Monthly Update for September

I've completed my first month. Not my first full month, but my first calendar month. Every month I will update everyone on my challenge progress. I'll go over everything I've done over the month, including any updates since last time.

016. Don't eat fast food more than twice a month, each month [1/34]
One month down! For September, I included the whole month because I didn't want to cheat myself by only counting the days of the challenge.
021. Take multi-vitamins everyday for a month [18/30]
I haven't completed a whole month yet because I started my challenge in the middle of the month. I have 18 days so far, so I should be finished by the middle of October.
027. Take 10 whole-day breaks from the Internet [1/10]
I completed one break this month. I'm thinking about taking at least one break each month, even after I've completed my goal. I think its healthy for me. Maybe for my next list, I'll make myself take a break from the computer, instead of just the internet. What do you think?
028. Wake up before 10am every morning consecutively for a year [0/365]
I am definitely not a morning person. This one is an unrealistic goal, I might have to end up not completing this one. Ugh. I can wake up early every once in a while, but I don't think I will be able to do it for a whole year.
034. Send 50 postcards via [18/50]
I've sent 18! I love sending postcards! I've received seven so far. I sent four today and I will send two tomorrow, so hopefully I will get some more postcards soon! Remember to check out my postcard blog, to see my postcards I've received. And if you want me to send you a postcard, then make a profile on Post Crossing, and then send me a message! Here is a link to my profile:
035. Donate 100,000 grains of rice at [850/100,000]
I want to accomplish 2,000 by the end of October. Hopefully I'll have more donated soon.
047. Visit all counties in Washington (old visits may count) [10/39]

I haven't visited anywhere soon since I started this challenge. I've only listed the ones that I visited before the challenge. 
061. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the alphabet [6/26]
I've only watched six so far. I want to get half done in October.
063. Watch all 8 seasons of Charmed [2/8]
I completed season 2 today! Woohoo! I will probably watch some more tomorrow.
065. Hang out with friends at least once a month [1/34]
I hanged out with my friend, Stephanie, on September 29th. She had a baby in the beginning in the month. This was my first day that I was actually able to see the baby. He is so cute! I wasn't able to get any pictures though. It sucks.
068. Watch 101 movies [2/101]
Only two movies so far, Bride Wars and Marley and Me. I need to watch some more movies.
078. Put $5 in savings for every task completed [$10/$505]
I've only completed two tasks so far so I only have $10 in savings.
080. Earn $100 from blogging in one year (previous money earned does not count) [$2.69/$100]
This is only half a month's worth so its not much. Hopefully I will have a lot more by next month.
082. Write a letter to myself to be opened on the last day of the challenge
This one was accomplished in the beginning of my challenge.
087. Own at least 50 piggy banks [8/50]
I haven't bought any since last time, but so far, I have eight piggy banks. Yay!
091. Add 100 more playing card sets to my collection [4/100]
I haven't gotten any more since the last time.
092. Add 200 more DVDs to my collection [10/200]
I haven't gotten any more since the last time.
096. Reach 50 followers on this blog [10/100]
I have 11 followers so far! Yay! Keep on following, please.
097. Blog about every completed item on the list [2/101]
I've only completed two goals so far, so I only have two here, but I have blogged about everything that I've progress on so far.
099. Create weekly goals and checklists to keep myself motivated
This one was also completed in the beginning when I created my notebook that I'm using for this challenge.

I think I've done a good job so far, don't you think?
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