Blogging Earnings as of 10/09

080. Earn $100 from blogging in one year [$6.02/$100]

Pretty good improvement, huh? I made my first 6 dollars! Most of it is from Adgitize, but here is how I calculated the earnings:

Adsense: $0.58
Adbride: $0.54
Adgitize: $4.90

This is as of 10/09/09 because Adgitize reports a day later. I should get my first payment from Adgitize at the end of October! Yay, I'm excited! As for the other two, I'm not sure when I will get my first payment..

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taraSG said...

Wow you're off to a good start on this one!

PS I LOVE your new layout (I read almost everything in GoogleReader so sorry if it isn't "new" and I just noticed it :/)

Tara SG

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