Post Crossing!

034. Send 50 postcards via Post Crossing [5/50]

Want to see a collection of all my postcards? I have another blog, where I will post pictures of the postcards I receive from Post Crossing. I know my goal is to send out 50 postcards, but it would be boring if I just posted up pictures of the ones that I sent, so I'm posting pictures of the ones I receive. More interesting, yeahh? Well here is the link to my other blog --> Click Here.

Also, it is listed as Marie's Entertainment in my sidebar, under my profile information.

I don't have any postcards yet. I sent out my first 5 postcards today. And boy, are they expensive. I didn't realize international postcards would cost so much. But its ok, cuz hopefully I will get a bunch of international cards in return. Which would make it worth it for me.

So check out the blog, even follow it if you want. That way you'll know when I update! :]

Ciao for now.

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