Day 0003

I didn't complete any goals yesterday or today, but I did work on some of them.

I took my vitamins. Watched 3 movies: Definitely, Maybe, Marley & Me, and Bee Movie. I loved all three. I hate to admit this, but I actually cried during Marley & Me. I don't want to spoil anything, but my puppy was, and still is, a troublemaker and I really connected with the movie. Definitely, Maybe was a great movie too. It was interesting trying to figure out who the girl's mother is. And Bee Movie was good too. It really shows you the perspective of bees, and their place in this world. I recommend all three.

I watched 4 episodes of Charmed, seasoned 1. And read up to Chapter 8 in my current book. I also took my vitamins. So far, since Sept 15th, I have earned $0.54, as of Sept 16th because today's earnings has not yet been calculated.
Adsense: $0.00
Adbrite: $0.08
Paypal: $0.00
Amazon: $0.00
Adgitize: $0.46
I include Paypal on here instead of all the programs I'm an affiliate of, its easier than keeping track of them.
Ooh! I have 5 followers now. Thanks! Keep following please.

Worked on:
001. Read 50 books [0/50]
021. Take multi-vitamins everyday for one month [3/30]
061. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the alphabet [3/26]
063. Watch all 8 seasons of Charmed [0/8]
068. Watch 101 movies [1/101]
080. Earn $100 from blogging in one year [0.54/100]
096. Reach 50 followers on blog [5/50]

2 postcards:

Julie said...

hey! yeah sure you can link me! I am now a follower on your blog and will link you too!

Tasha said...

Good luck! I found your site from the list on DayZero! I will check back soon!

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