A New Beginning

Its been a while since I last made a post. Sorry. I haven't really worked much on my list. Its not that I'm busy, because I'm really not. Even with the holidays coming around, I still find myself with plenty of time on my hands. My only problem is that I'm not motivated. I need to change that... but for now, I will let you all know about my plans for this blog.

I plan to combine this blog with my bucket list blog. Its hard to maintain them blog (plus all my others as well). And since the topics are pretty much the same, I figure it won't be too bad of a change. For now, I will keep it dedicated to my challenge, and just have the bucket list as a side part. Later on down the road, I might dedicate it to my bucket list, but for now, it will stay dedicated to my challenge.

I have some updates to my challenge, but they are minor ones, so I'm not gonna blog about it. They aren't completed goals, just updates. Also, I will be changing around the layout a bit, to accommodate my bucket list. From now on, in my menu bar, my challenge list will be referred to as "101 in 1001 List" and my bucket list will be "Bucket List". Simple, right? So, no more "master list" because that would be too confusing.

Alright then. Hopefully I will make a post by tomorrow night. If not, then I will see y'all after Christmas. I have a photobook to make before Christmas eve, and a contest that ends the day after Christmas. I will be plenty busy in the next week. Happy Holidays!

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Liz said...

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