Monthly Updates for November

Sorry again. I really have been neglecting my blogs. Hopefully I will have more to update tomorrow now. Anyways, here is my monthly update for November:

001. Read 50 books [2/50]: I finished another book. I guess I have been reading one book a month. But that isn't good because there are only 34 months in my challenge and I need to read 50 books. I am going to make sure to read at least 2 books this month of December.
016. Don't eat fast food more than twice a month, each month [3/34]: Accomplished month number 3. This one isn't very hard for me since I don't really have any money to spend.
018. Lose 50 pounds [8/50]: I've lost 8 pounds since the start of my challenge. Well, actually, I think I only started weighing myself in October, but I'm not exactly sure when. This actually has been surprising because I don't exercise. All I do everyday is wake up and blog, eat, and sometimes go to school. I mainly sit around and go on the computer. So I don't know why I'm losing weight, but I'm happy.
027. Take 10 one-day breaks from the Internet [3/10]: I accomplished two internet breaks in November. Hopefully I can accomplish another one this month.
034. Send 50 postcards via [50/50]: COMPLETED! I accomplished this task on November 11th. However, this does not stop me from sending more postcards.
035. Donate 100,000 grains of rice at [4,160/100,000]: I donated 2060 grains of rice in November. I hope to bring my donation up to 10,000 by the end of December.
061. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the alphabet [13/26]: I watched 4 movies in November. This month, I plan on making a list of movies to watch, so later on I don't have to stand around trying to figure out which one to watch.
063. Watch all 8 seasons of Charmed [5/8]: I don't normally blog about this one so I'm not sure how many I've watched in November but I think its been about 2 seasons. And I'm almost finished with season 6.
068. Watch 101 movies [6/101]: I watched 3 movies in November. I actually know that I watched more than this but since I can't exactly remember which movies, and on what dates, I'm not going to add them.
070. Watch a movie from the year I was born (1989): COMPLETED! I accomplished this goal on November 13th. Hmmm...I think that was friday the 13th too. Haha, I made sure I stayed home that day.
078. Put $5 in savings for every task completed [$30/$505]: I have been saving up this money, but just last week I finally opening up an account for it. So now, I have $30 in my bank account.
080. Earn $100 from blogging in one year [$19.49/$100] : Since this is a November update, my earnings as of November 30th is: $19.49 and earnings from November is: $6.12. I am actually only counting Adgitize earnings now. I just started writing paid posts from SocialSpark but I won't add those earnings until I get paid. So for now, I will just be updating Adgitize.
096. Reach 50 followers on this blog [27/50]: I don't update this very often either but I think I've gotten around 10 in November. So, thank you my followers!

As you can see, I've done a lot since October, but I haven't accomplished that many. I only accomplished two goals in November. Do you have a list too? I would love to hear about it. Let me know how your list is coming. Do you think I've been on track, or do you think I need to step it up a bit? Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. I think I need to step it up a lot. Well, til next time.

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Cici said...

You have reached yet another blogger - update that goal! :o) I've been reading through your entries the past few months & I really like some of your goals! Keep it up!

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