I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago saying that I will be making some changes to my list. I've finally had some time to sit down and figure out what I want to change. So, here they are.

004. Cook 2 new dishes a month for 6 months will be changed to Cook 20 new dishes. I don't want to have a set amount to cook each month, it makes me worry. Instead, I have changed it to a total amount of dishes, and I've added more dishes.
016. Don't eat fast food more than twice a month, each month will be changed to Eat as least 15 home cooked meals every month. It is easier for me to keep track of what I eat at home rather than when I eat out. Also, giving myself the allowance of two fast foods makes me feel like I have a coupon I can use. I didn't like thinking of it that way.
024. Straighten my bottom teeth will be changed to Get my teeth whitened. With everything going on right now, I won't have enough money to pay for this. And I wasn't sure if it would be finished by then.
028. Wake up before 10am every morning consecutively for a year will be changed to Wake up before 10am at least five times a week for one year. Waking up before 10am everyday for one year is purely impossible for me. Some days I just need to be able to sleep in. I will record this goal by weeks instead of 5x a week for 52 weeks.
030. Track my health progress in a notebook will be changed to Track my health progress on my blog. I find it easier to update my blog than my notebook.
047. Visit all counties in Washington will be changed to Visit half the counties in Washington. Washington has way too many counties. This goal is nearly impossible since I don't have a big budget for traveling right now. Besides, I'd rather spend the money going to other places than trying to visit each county. I would like to visit half the counties though. I'm already halfway there. I might change this again later if I move to a different state or if I find something more interesting.
056.Attend 2 Seattle Mariners games (one home and one away) -- see below
057.Attend 2 Seattle Seahawks games (one home and one away) will be combined with the goal above and be changed to Attend 2 Seattle sports games. These types of events cost a lot of cash, and I don't think I would be able to attend four games within two years. I will add an additional goal later on, I just don't know what to replace it with yet.

Other goals that need to be changed:
005. Start and maintain a book log for the duration of this challenge
008. Learn how to drive stick shift
033. Donate a gallon of blood
040. Help the Hubby create his own 101 in 1001 list
048. Visit a ghost town
071. Make a geocache and hide it
072. Find 10 geocaches [0/10]
073. Discover 5 geocoins [0/5]
087. Own at least 50 piggy banks [11/50]

I made a lot of these goals in the beginning is a rush to write the list. I don't feel that bad with changing them because sometimes you lose interest in certain activities. I will make the second set of updates when I figure out what to change them to.

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